Open House Evening on January 6th!

First of all the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Aruba wishes you a Healthy and Happy 2015!!

Your health is very important and in order for you to inform yourself about Tai Chi and its multiple health benefits our society would like to invite you to an Open House on Tuesday, January 6th from 5:30 – 9:00 PM at Stadionweg 13, on the corner of the road going to Camacuri Apartments. Info and demos will be given and you will have the opportunity to learn the beginning of the Tai Chi set. Do not hesitate! This is your chance and you are very welcome!

20140927_115625 20140927_102704 20140927_102451

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Christmas 2014 Buffet Brunch

Pictures will be published soon

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Grand Opening, 15th Anniversary and International Workshop!!!

The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014 was a very special one for the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Aruba which is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year. It was the Grand Opening of the new center at Stadionweg 13. A fully renovated center that accommodated its first International Workshop that same weekend.

On Saturday morning a start was made with the International Workshop. Both local members and members from other countries participated in this workshop led by the international Dave Frame and Nicole Morency.

Around noon the official Grand Opening Ceremony took place. As can be seen in the pictures included below, there were the speeches describing the launch and course of the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba during the past 15 years, a demo of a Taoist Tai Chi ™ set with an explanation of all its benefits, the blessing of the building with a traditional Chinese Lion Dance and the ribbon cutting at the main entrance symbolizing the Grand Opening of the new center

While the guests were enjoying a festive drink on the terrace,  the practice hall was temporarily converted in a dining room. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and after a (coffee!!) break it was back to practicing tai chi.  Not easy at first after a  full meal on a sunny afternoon, but the pointers and tips given by the international instructors made it worthwhile and everyone was glad to come back the next morning for the second day of the International Workshop.

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Open House on Awareness Day

On Saturday morning September 27th the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba celebrated Awareness Day together with quite some visitors, since the public had been invited to join us on this special day at our completely renovated Center at Stadionweg 13.

It was a non-stop Tai Chi practice event!. Demos were given constantly. Demos by all the members; demos by the instructors; by instructors and set leaders…. a rotation of a variety of demos, including one of Lok Hup. The only interruption was the free introductory class for our visitors. And even this class was concluded with a section of the set being practiced by our visitors joined by our members.

Throughout this Open House information about the physical and mental health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi™ was given. Any other questions were answered by our members and additional information, for example about the class schedule and registration was available at our info boot. It was certainly a successful Open House!

20140927_104410-1 20140927_11510020140927_120554

20140927_102451  20140927_102704 20140927_104003

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Viewing of Reconstruction

On Saturday afternoon, July 12th 2014, the reconstruction work was paused for a few hours, so that all TTCSA members could come and take a look at the future Center of Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba at Stadionweg 13, Dakota. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the progress! It’s looking good!
The official opening of the Center is planned for November 22, 2014.







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September 9, 2014 · 4:35 AM

Nature Tai Chi at Ayo

In May the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba held a Nature Tai Chi at Ayo. After enjoying the sunrise, the view of some of Aruba’s rock formations and practicing our sets and forms, we were spoiled with a breakfast prepared by our Savaneta members. Thank you!


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Workshop by international instructor!

Besides giving us advice on the (re)construction of our new center, he dedicated his time to our practice of tai chi. Thank you Allen! We appreciate you joining us in our set and helping us improve our practice of tai chi with your valuable tips.

20140415_204513 20140415_204520

Everyone enjoyed this evening workshop: our new members who just joined us a week earlier, our “continuing” members and our health recovery group.

20140415_205613 20140415_213508-1 20140415_205511

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June 21, 2014 · 8:32 AM

Flea Market and Bake Sale!

This Sunday, March 30th, we are organizing a combination flea market/bake sale. It will be held from 10:00AM till 1:00PM at Club Caiquetio, Paradera. There will be a variety of cakes, natural juices, soups and snacks. Also books, plants, houseware and . . . a lot more! There will be a raffle and we will be giving demonstrations of Taoist Tai Chi, internal arts of health. Pass by with your family and friends! Have a nice time and get to know more about Tai Chi!

Beginners clases will be starting again in the first week of April. For more information, please call Mrs. Marianne Croes at 733-0074 or Mrs. Madel Jacopucci at 733-5433.


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TTCSA signing of contract for reconstruction center

imageOn Friday, February 28, 2014, after two and a half years of careful preparations, the Board of the Taoist Tai Chi Society sealed the deal with the contractors for the renovation of the soon to be Taoist Tai Chi Center and home of the society in Aruba. Board members, members
imageof the Building Committee and other members of the society were present at the Center to witness the signing of the contracts and to celebrate the next phase in the long-awaited dream coming true. The property, a family residence at Stadionweg 13 in Oranjestad, was purchased two and a half years ago by the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism Aruba. The renovation will be financed with the funds the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba accumulated over the past 15 years with the generous donations of its members. The President of the Society, on behalf of the Board, thanked everyone involved for their hard work, their dedication and most of all their patience. The Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba expects that the renovation will be finished by September of this year and looks forward to a Grand Opening to be celebrated with members from abroad and the Aruban community.

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March 7, 2014 · 8:26 AM

Chinese New Year Celebration

yearofhorse2Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba celebrated Chinese New Year with a tremendous banquet at Restaurant Universal. Each year members of society come together to celebrate this occasion in honor of our founder Master Moy Lin-shin.

This year’s celebration took place on Friday, January 31, at Restaurant Universal. Attendees  enjoyed a wide variety of very delicious Chinese food. And, as part of the custom, the group reflected on the significance of this year, which is the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac.

Taoist Tai Chi internal arts of health are a form of Tai Chi specifically designed to improve health. People of all ages and health conditions are benefiting from the healing movements of this ancient art form. For more information or to join a beginner class one can visit or call at 593-4463.

Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba gives thanks to Restaurant Universal for their excellent service and to all those who in one way or another made this celebration a big success.

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